Proudly Located in Mannford, Oklahoma




We Do It Better!

We at Cimarron Pointe Care Center know that “We Do It Better” than other nursing homes. The measure of our success is:

State Department of Health surveys; The care our residents recieve; and The smiles on our residents’ faces.

We never stop trying to be the best we can be.

The “Second Mile”

We do more than we are required to make certain that our direct care staff is delivering the care that our Residents need. Our facility uses electronic charts for documenting the care provided our Residents. Those charts can be reviewed from anywhere in the world. Together with our Company Nurse and our Chief Clinical Officer, our highly trained and very experienced independent consultants constantly review our electronic charts to make certain that the best care is delivered.

Personalized Care

At Cimarron Pointe we believe in the Golden Rule – treating your loved ones as we would expect to be treated.
Every resident has an individualized Care Plan. Residents, their family members, their doctors and our entire clinical team all work together – many times in face to face meetings – to develop and modify, when needed, a Care Plan that is “custom fit” for you or your loved one.

Nurturing Enviornment

Cimarron Pointe is comfortable and warm, fresh-smelling, clean, and inviting. Our staff is friendly, caring, empathetic, and smiling. You can feel the difference when you walk through our door. Equipped for both medical and therapeutic needs, we promote balanced, “whole person” health with consideration for physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Stimulating Activities

From BINGO games and ice cream socials, to church services and country and gospel bands we work hard to break up the monotony of institutional life by enriching and energizing the lives of the residents for whom we provide care. With the help of volunteer community support, we bring laughter and fellowship through loving relationships into our residents’ daily lives.

Certifications by
Medicare and Medicaid

Cimarron Pointe Care Center is certified by Medicare and Medicaid as an Intermediate Care Nursing Facility (ICF) and as a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF).  That simply means that we can provide care for Residents who are in need of:

  • Nursing care, short term and long term, up to but not including hospital level
  • Therapy and Skilled Nursing Care for a wide variety of injuries and diseases discussed under our Therapy heading.

Cimarron Pointe Care Center is staffed every day, 365 days a year with Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Certified Med Aids, Certified Nurse Aids and a Medical Director (a licensed physician), who, with the input of your Primary Care Physician, oversee all care and treatment.

Therapy and Rehab

Therapy is offered as one part of “Skilled Care.” The majority of the Skilled Care offered by Cimarron Pointe Care Center is for Therapy. Therapy may be necessary when you or your loved one has:


Suffered injury that may or may not require surgery (such as a fall or car wreck)

Suffered from a debilitating medical event (heart attack, stroke, etc.)

Suffered from a disability resulting from a degenerative disease

In those cases our highly trained Therapy Team works with your physician to develop a treatment plan to improve strength, range of motion and flexibility to help you return to an active lifestyle. In the case of strokes or heart attacks Speech Therapists teach us how to swallow and talk again. A wide variety of services falls under the category of Therapy and at Cimarron Pointe Care Center we can provide them all.

Care for Every Stage

Therapy Residents usually come to us after a short stay in the hospital and before going back home to resume their normal lifestyles. They are not part of the “every day” nursing home population that come to us for permanent residence. Therapy Residents have specific goals to achieve (for example – building strength and learning to walk after a total knee replacement from a fall, car accident or degenerative disease). Once therapy is complete and the Resident is able to resume normal tasks the Resident returns home.

Long Term Care

When Long Term Care becomes necessary, Cimarron Pointe Care Center is ready to provide you or your loved one with the security of a home like environment with around the clock care. We prepare three meals a day and snacks in between. Most all of the time snacks are available – 24 hours a day. We do the laundry and the housekeeping. We bathe, brush teeth, groom and trim finger and toe nails. We have a barber in the building who can cut, trim, color and style your hair. We help schedule doctor appointment and treatments that need to be done out of the building. We provide all of the nursing care that can legally be performed in our Intermediate Care building. When there is an emergency that requires hospital care we make those arrangements as well.

Our Building

Our Mission

To Sustain the Quality of Life as Long as We Possibly Can

A Great Location

Cimarron Pointe Care Center is a located less than a mile from the hospital at 404 Cimarron Drive. Access is easy from anywhere in Mannford and the surrounding area and while it is close to everything you might need on the “spur of the moment” for a loved one, it is still “away” from all the traffic.