Our Staff

As you can imagine, it takes a lot of caring people to run a nursing facility that operates around the clock the entire year.  At Cimarron Pointe Care Center our Department Heads are highly trained, understand our system and know how to do their part in providing care for you or your loved one.  Here they are:

Our Nursing Staff

Cimarron Pointe Care Center employees over fifty persons and most of them are part of the nursing staff.  We do a lot of different things to make our Residents comfortable but the great majority of our Staff’s time is spent in Nursing – caring for our Resident’s needs.  RNs, LPNs, Charge Nurses, Assistant Directors of Nursing, Certified Med Aids and Certified Nursing Aids all work together around the clock to provide care to you or your loved one.

President / Owner

Frank Sullivan, Jr

Cimarron Pointe Care Center is not operated or managed, in any manner, by large national corporations that operate hundreds of nursing homes in several states. Closely held ownership and management allow the owners to focus on Resident centered care and reduces “red tape” and “passing the buck.” Under Contacts in the Main Menu you will find the name and telephone number of the owner who will personally take your calls and help you deal with issues that you might have related to the care of your loved one.


Medical Director

Jack Brown, MD.

Cimarron Pointe Care Center’s Medical Director is Dr. Jack Brown, MD.  Dr. Brown is currently the medical director in our Tulsa area sister nursing homes and has years of experience in Skilled and Long Term Care.  Dr. Brown provides excellent care for our Residents.

Dr. Brown is also the Personal Physician for virtually every Resident in our facility.  He is kind and gentle and takes the time necessary to make good decisions about the care needed by you or your loved one.  By having the Medical Director as your personal physician, decisions about your care can be made quickly and efficiently and by a doctor who is extremely well qualified.

Director of Nursing

Lynnsi Stallcup, RN

The Director of Nursing (DON) is a regulatory position and must be a Registered Nurse.  Lynnsi Stallcup is our DON and is the team leader for the entire clinical staff.  In a DON we look for nurses with extensive experience in Skilled and Long Term Care. Every nurse and nurse aid in the building report to and are held accountable by the Director of Nursing.  A DON must be kind and compassionate with our Residents and careful to take the necessary time to explain to family members new and changing issues with the health of their loved one.