When You Need Long Term Care

Long Term Care defines that very, very difficult time when a family realizes that they can no longer care for the day to day needs of one of their parents or other family members. Long Term Care services provide a Resident with all of the fundamental essentials of life and provides such additional care that may be required. At Cimarron Pointe Care Center we do our very best to make this transition as smooth as possible and to reduce the anxiety for Residents who have never lived anywhere but their homes.

You or a loved one will need Long Term Care when you can no longer perform your daily routine in your current independent lifestyle. If you can’t prepare food, take your daily medications, dress yourself or bathe then you will need to consider Long Term Care. If you or a loved one is living with other family members who can assist you with many of those daily tasks then you may not need Long Term Care until more serious issues arise.

When Long Term Care becomes necessary, Cimarron Pointe Care Center is ready to provide you or your loved one with the security of a home like environment with around the clock care. We prepare three meals a day and snacks in between. Most all of the time snacks are available – 24 hours a day. We do the laundry and the housekeeping. We bathe, brush teeth, groom and trim finger and toe nails. We have a barber in the building who can cut, trim, color and style your hair. We help schedule doctor appointment and treatments that need to be done out of the building. We provide all of the nursing care that can legally be performed in our Intermediate Care building. When there is an emergency that requires hospital care we make those arrangements as well.

Respite Care

Occasionally, family members who are providing difficult care for a dependent loved one need a little break. Respite Care provides a place to stay for a brief period of time when family care givers have to take a vacation, travel away from home or just need a break. Cimarron Pointe Care Center is a Respite Care provider. Just give us a call at the telephone number provided in Contacts in our Main Menu and we will discuss with you your Respite benefits and discuss with you whether Respite is right for you or your loved one.


Hospice Care can be provided by a Hospice Provider either in your home or in a Nursing Home or Hospital. Hospice Care is a benefit provided to Medicare eligible seniors. Basically, Hospice Care is “end of life” nursing care. Cimarron Pointe Care Center contracts with certain hand-picked Hospice Providers with whom we are familiar and with whom we can communicate quickly and efficiently to provide you or your loved one with all of the extra care that your Hospice benefits provide while they are a Resident at Cimarron Pointe Care Center.

Long Term Care, Benefits and Payment

Medicaid will, in many cases, pay for the cost of Long Term Care. Sometimes Medicare will pay a portion and your Social Security check will pay for the rest. In other instances, Medicaid pays for part of the monthly cost and you or your loved one will pay the difference as “private pay.” Some Residents are not eligible for Medicaid and use Pension or Retirement benefits, insurance benefits or pay for the services from savings or other personal funds.

Cimarron Pointe Care Center’s admission experts will guide you through the process of dealing with Medicaid and other sources of payment.