Skilled Nursing Facility [SNF] Care

SNF care may be helpful to stroke patients or others needing short term physical therapy and assistance with daily activities that are temporarily challenging. This type of care often follows some physical trauma or major surgery and includes extended medical observation or  rehabilitation. Patients must be admitted to a hospital for 3 or more days, before they are eligible for Skilled Care with stays lasting 30 days or so, on average. It is also important to note that SNF care is usually covered by Medicare, while stay in a LTC facility is not.

A “nursing home” might not seem like the right place to go for short term care needs, but it is important to know which care centers are specifically designated as a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF). This means they are equipped for intensive physical therapy and have specialized staff to aid the rehabilitative process in the short-term, until you or your loved one may return to normal routines.

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