Tasha’s Story at Cimarron Pointe

“Making the decision to put my mom into a long term care facility was a very difficult one. In my raising and in my culture, we just don’t do that. We take care of our families at home. When I learned that she wasn’t going to get any better, I knew it was time not only for her, but for me as well because she needed support I couldn’t give her at home. So after searching long and hard, I landed at Cimarron Pointe for a couple reasons, one: based upon the data. I’m a fact finder, so it was important to me, what other people had said about their experiences, and the ratings the facility had received. And then, after narrowing it down, I came to visit the facility, unsolicited. I just showed up one morning, and when I walked in the door I had a great experience – from being greeted, to being shown a room, and the answering of any questions. Despite the fact that the administrator wasn’t here, all of my questions were answered. And so, while it was not an easy decision, I know it was best. Given the circumstances and the resources that we had, Cimarron Pointe was the right place to be.

Often times, an image will come to mind when you think of a ‘nursing home,’ and they’re not always all that pleasant. Sometimes you have a fear about the newness of the facility, the cleanliness, the smell… That hasn’t been a source of concern for me. From the time that I walked in, I knew from the time I hit that door – from the doorbell ringing – and being greeted by the nice atrium as well as the cleanliness of the facility, I felt like we were going to be in the right place. And I could tell that the people here, both employees as well as residents, were happy. I needed that comfort, knowing that my mom would get the best care that she needed.

Being a working person, obviously, I’m pretty scheduled as to when I come in and how long I stay. There have been times when my mother was having difficulties in transitioning, that I would show up at 11 o’clock at night, just to check on her, to let her know that she wasn’t alone. I was never questioned or given a side glance, as to why I was here. They knew I was here for my mom, and it gave me peace knowing they were here for the same reasons.

Tasha shares her experience about Cimarron Pointe

What makes Cimarron Pointe stand out is the relationships that exist, with the residents and the family members. I can go home at night and rest well knowing my mom gets the care that she needs.

I think that when choosing a long term care facility for your loved one, you do need to do your due diligence. You need to look online, go and read state reports, all of that is very very important. But I would also say to trust your gut. Because, sometimes people have experiences that will jade their view or perspective on things, but when you go in and check it out for yourself, you can feel what’s really going on. A key part of the success that my mom has had here at Cimarron Pointe, is the relationships that she has built with the staff and other residents. That’s something that data can’t always quantify. So check the research, check the numbers, but check it out for yourself. Ask your friends, ask your family members, pick up the phone and call. You may live thousands of miles away, but you can still know what happens from day to day, just by pickup up the phone and knowing what’s going on.”

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